Visiting Teams Athletic Training

The T. L. Hanna High School Sports Medicine Staff is pleased to welcome you to our campus. In preparation for your upcoming visit to T. L. Hanna, the following information has been prepared for you.

The main athletic training room is located in the athletic field house (all outdoor sports) and a secondary athletic training room is located beside the main gym (all indoor sports). If your team is traveling without a certified athletic trainer, we ask that you send any supplies your athletes may need pregame (pre-wrap, tape, etc.).

The athletic training room will be opened at least one hour prior to the event. During all home events, a certified athletic trainer will be on site and the following will be available for your team during your visit:

  • Injury Ice
  • Water
  • General medical supplies
  • AED
  • Splint Bag
  • Crutches
  • Ambulance on site (Football)
  • Physician on site (Varsity Football)

Area Medical Service and Emergency Contacts:

Hospital:  Anmed Hospital South

800 N Fant St

Anderson, SC 29621

Info: (864) 512-1404

ER: (864) 512-1334

Ambulance Services: Medshore Ambulance Service

1009 N Fant St

Anderson, SC 29621

(864) 224-4444