Varsity Track · Hanna Hosts Woodmont in Track

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T.L. Hanna High School 1st 0

The Girls and Boys Hanna Track team hosted Woodmont on Thursday April 1, 2021. Both Girls and Boys won against Woodmont. Some of the highlights from the meet are below:

Mikayla Howard won the girls 100 and 200 M.
Caroline Jones won the 400 M and Annie West finished 2nd in the 400 M
Ellie Moorhead finished 2nd and Caroline Foster finished 3rd in the 800 M.
Carson McCabe won the 1600 M, Emmy Lou Patrick finished 2nd and Maura Williams finished 3rd in the 1600 M.
Georgia McGahey won a very close race over Madison Timms in the 3200 M. Riley Nicholson finished third in the 3200 as well.
Amiah Morton finished 2nd and Karis Harper finished 3rd in the 100 M Hurdles
The girls swept the 400 M Hurdles with Karis Harper winning it followed by Amiah Morton finishing second and Andi Herring finishing third.
Girls 4×400 won their event.
Girls 4×800 won their event.
Tamerah Wynn finished first in the high jump followed by Andi Herring finishing third.
Girls Pole Vault swept their event. Abella Youngblood won followed Anna Marshall finishing second and Cecilia Huff finishing third.
Janiya Oliver won the girls long jump with Kaitlyn Foster finishing second.
Leah Dotson won the girls triple jump followed by Janiya Oliver finishing second.
Tamia Norris won the girls shot and discus events. Laniya Johnson finished second in shop put. Emily McDowell finished third in discus.
Laniya Johnson also won the girls javelin. Marina Mears finished second and Allie Hartman finished third.
Ashley West won the Girls JV 200 M

The boys swept the 100 M with JJ Hudson winning followed by Dakota Smith finishing second and Kamren Johnson finishing third.
The boys swept the 200 M with Travon West winning followed by Justin Ross finishing second and Vashun Burton finishing third.
Justin Ross won the 400 M with Tyce Garner finishing 2nd.
Lucas Siudut won the 800 M and Ben Marshall finished 2nd.
The boys swept the 1600 M with Jack McGahey winning, Will Klugh finishing second and Jude Lazarus finishing third. Michael Regan finished 4th.
The boys swept the 3200 M with Erik Lapshyn winning it, Coen Smith finished second and Solomon Canup finished third.
Travon West won the 110 Hurdles and NJ Williams finished third.
The boys swept the 400 M Hurdles with NJ Williams winning it followed by Wils Epps finishing second and Josh Donald finishing third.
The boys swept the relay events too-winning the 4×100, 4×400 and 4×800.
Wils Epps and Josh Donald finished second and third in high jump.
The boys swept the Pole Vault with Alex Hillhouse winning followed by Caleb Yon getting second and Ross Campbell third.
JJ Hudson won long jump followed by Wils Epps finishing second.
Kamren Johnson won triple jump followed by Travon West finished second and Josh Donald third.
Boys swept shot put with Eli Reid winning it followed by Colin Sanders finishing second and AJ Sloan third.
Boys swept discus as well. Jay McGuire won it followed by Jay Cheek finishing second and Ramon Macias third.
Jay Cheek also won javelin and Briggs Powell finished third.

The Hanna track team will have their next meet on Saturday April 17th at Seneca High School.