YellowJackets News · 9/11/01 – We Will Never Forget!

To honor the 343 Fireman that lost their lives at the twin towers on 9/11/01 – Jack Smith from Anderson is running a lap for each fallen fireman which will total 86 miles and take an estimated 24 hours. He is doing this at the TL Hanna – Jacket Memorial Stadium track. He started the first lap at exactly 8:46 am following the playing of our National Anthem on the jumbo-tron.. Our FB team was on the lower field working out and all stopped and put there right hand over there heart – it was an emotional moment for all of us !

We are honored to have Jack here at TL Hanna and using our track – what an incredible event to honor these fallen heroes. We appreciate Anderson District 5 Admin for allowing this to take place.

It is a Great day to be an American and we all need to realize that TOGETHER we are the Greatest Nation in the world.

Our hats are off to Jack Smith !